Signature Series | SOULOGO Collection

SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

I am beyond excited to finally announce that my apparel line is now publicly available. I call it the Signature Series | SOULOGO Collection.

On every piece you will find both the Signature design and SOULOGO.

SOULOGO is my design and concept. Designed after a SOUL + FLAME: where SOUL represents my passion and philosophies of music, and FLAME represents inspiration and drive. Of the Mentioned philosophies, you will also find these listed on each and every piece of the collection:

Manifest · Unite · Inspire · Create

This is my purpose and message through music. It was a long journey to reach this point of certainty where my character and sounds can align. I reached these terms through deep thought, when I realized they align into acronym for MUSIC: where "S” is for SOUL. SOULOGO.

Take a deeper look into the product pages to see the small details of each piece. I did all of my own photography and graphic design for this project. It was both a challenge and opportunity to dabble into product photos and editing professionally. I am thankful to possess these skills and a supportive team to help bring it all together.

This is my first clothing project after 5 years of NAISU. I've always put merchandise on hold. The time was never right. As of recently, I've got solid and well performing releases, branding, media, and experience to where I have the means to get every aspect exactly aligned with my vision.

This has been a long time coming - I am now able to give you the quality I wish to share.

Nothing less than the best.

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Find Your Balance

August 27, 2018

I find it all too easy to get caught up in all the daily things. Routines, complications, distractions, reactions... Each moment is a balancing act. Having a clear sight of the bigger picture helps guide each step following the next. Lately it has become apparent: structure may guide the balance, where our foundation of such structure is self discipline.

Your structure will be your torch in the darkness: lighting the way for your next steps. You can learn about someone else's structure and switch it up however works best for you; as long as you stay pushing your limits.

Back At It

May 23, 2018

These past couple weeks have been packed with shows, which means I've been focused on being an Artist & DJ instead of Producer & Student. These fields are not mutually exclusive. It takes great balance to progress in all areas together: a balance which I do not expect to ever fully achieve. The best step toward balance is the next one, in mind being no thereafter. This practice helps to live in the present. 

After a couple weeks of high energy dance music, loving + supportive friends, and wildn out: It is time to get back to sharpening the blade.


March 16, 2018


It seems redundant to send my friends/fans/followers to several different social sites to find my content. For a long time, I had an idea of what how I wanted to present my content. Instead of timeline posts, I will be logging my life + career events through this site. This is a manifestation of my creativity, love, & drive.

I welcome all visitors to take in everything I have to offer. You will get as much out of it as you put into it. 

Feel free to connect with me through the social tab, or get familiar with my work through Media + Music. I whole heartedly appreciate all support & love I have received in response to my project & progress.