I've been eager to share this with you. Directly following the release of UNITY, diving deeper into the sound and style influenced by the experience of my year-long stay at The Mist Studios, I've prepared a release called AQUA. This release serves as a testament of how far I've come with my sound, also serving as a prelude to my next release (which I've been calling my masterpiece.)


Ready for listeners, artists, and DJs alike, this versatile instrumental will find itself all over the world.

Any funds acquired through purchase or licensing of AQUA goes directly back to my business & assets. Your support through these methods would greatly impact Naisu Media. If those are not viable options for you, please share AQUA with a few friends or artists who you know would vibe with it.

This track is ready to license for your various creative projects, such as if you are a rapper, or a YouTuber seeking background music.

Finally, This instrumental is available for streaming on all top platforms, purchase through this site, or licensing to use this soundtrack in your creative projects.

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