Signature Series | SOULOGO Collection

SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

I am beyond excited to finally announce that my apparel line is now publicly available. I call it the Signature Series | SOULOGO Collection.

On every piece you will find both the Signature design and SOULOGO.

SOULOGO is my design and concept. Representing SOUL + FLAME: where SOUL represents my passion and philosophies of music, and FLAME represents inspiration and drive. You will find each philosophy listed every piece of the collection:

Manifest · Unite · Inspire · Create

This is my purpose and message through music. It was a long journey to reach this point of certainty where my character and sounds can align. I reached these terms through deep thought, when I realized they align into acronym for MUSIC: where "S” is for SOUL; taking form as the SOULOGO.

This is my first apparel project after 5 years of NAISU. I've always put “merch” on hold; The time was never right. Now I've got solid and well performing releases, branding, media, and experience to where I have the means to get every aspect of the project aligned with my vision.

This has been a long time coming - I am now able to give you the quality I wish to share.

Nothing less than the best.

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