San Diego-native Jackson "Naisu” Blinn

Naisu shares his experience of life through music.

His diverse & hard-hitting sounds aim to inspire you.


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11.30.16 by Grant GilmorE

9.20.18 by SDVOYAGER

7.28.16 by MOA

Studio Reviews

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“Was shown the ropes efficiently and confidently. Learned all basic functions, as well as advanced techniques in not much time at all which is incredible. Big confidence booster. The guy is legit! … Big bang for the buck, in one session have significantly improved and feel confident for performing."

DJ Coaching | 6.27.19


“(Naisu was) a very efficient worker and genuinely concerned with producing something both you and the artist can be proud of.”

Graphic Design & Branding | 10.29.18


“(Naisu is) a really nice, knowledgable person, which makes him easy to work with and makes the whole process more relaxing.”

Audio Production | 8.5.18


“(Naisu) made time for me to come into the studio and actually work on the song alongside him which not only made the whole process more efficient, but the end result came across as more personal as well.
I particularly appreciated how much he emphasized that it was critical that I liked the end result and knew that I liked it, instead of just thinking I probably like it ... He's also very proficient with the softwares he uses which makes the whole process easier and makes even complicated ideas seem possible.”

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